Apple ARKit Vs. Google Tango

We are all anticipating the release of the Zenfone AR that will include support for both Google Tango and Daydream. However, it appears Apple is not far behind.

Apple announced ARKit. Apple's new augmented reality platform for developers. The  tool allows app makers to draw on detailed camera and sensor data to map digital objects into 3-D space.

This breakdown will obviously be changed over the course of time, but here is what we know so far


Work on most phones?

No, currenlty only Zenfone and Lenovo Fab - Will require hardware update for all phones 

Platform limitations? 

No,Tango has extra camera to pick up depth data. Scan an entire room, and build a 3D model.

Battery drain?


Work on most phones?

Yes, well iPhones of course

Platform limitations?

Yes, requires a separate peripheral in iOS like Occipital’s new app "Structure Sensor"

Battery drain?

No, for now. Apple says ARKit also uses a fraction of the phone’s CPU, so it could make AR less of a resource drain.



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